How to sear fish fillet or steak

Seared fish2

Seared fish fillets or steaks

2 halibut ​fillets​

Salt and fresh-cracked peppercorns

1 Tbls herbs de Provence, crushed


1 Tbls olive oil

1 green onion bulb, sliced in thin rings


Serve with “Tomato-free Thousand Island Dressing

Lemon juice, garnish


1) Remove fish from the fridge and allow the temperature of the fish to come to room temperature, about an hour. Then sprinkle with salt, pepper and herbs.

2) Heat oil in small fry pan to medium heat.

3) Add the onion rings in single layer and place the “top” part of the fish directly on top of the onion pieces (see notes, below).

4) Let cook (do not disturb) until the bottom side is cooked, about 3 minutes: dry, toasted and easily slides in the pan. And the bottom/edges of the fish will turn opaque.

5) Flip and let cook another 3-5 minutes, until the bottom is dry, toasted and easily moves in the pan and the entire fish is nearly opaque. The carry over heat will finish cooking the center of the fish.

6) While the fish is cooking, make the dressing.


• Best to salt the fish just before cooking because if salt is on fresh fish for very long the top of the fish will be less appealing in looks and mouth feel.

• Liberally cover the fish with herbs, especially if you have a thick piece of fish, in order for every bite to be well flavored.

• Cook the “top” part of the fish first, as this will be the showcase side of the fish.

• Once the onion rings are in the oil, add the fish quickly so that the onion rings will not burn in the hot oil. The oil temperature will drop when the fish is added (being the fish temperature is cooler than the hot oil) and will prevent the onions from burning.

• When putting the fish in the pan: start with placing the edge of the fish in the pan closest to you and then lay the fish down away from you (to prevent burning yourself from any spattering oil).

• When flipping the fish, place a spatula under the fish and have the edge of the fish at the edge of the spatula. At the same time you are lifting the fish with your right hand (for right-handed people), use your left hand to lift and tilt the fry pan to make a V shape with the fish that’s in your right hand. Make contact with the bottom edge of the fish to the fry pan and then complete the flip by quickly moving the right hand upward so that the fish leaves the spatula and is now in the fry pan. (photos and video will come soon)

• To cook the fish faster, see image and text, below.

Seared Fish1

Seared fish3
In the image, above, I added water and then covered with a tight fitting lid to cook it faster with the addition of using steam. Do this to cook it faster, but you’ll lose the crusty top.