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How to pick out a juice machine

In response to a question via email posed to me from a viewer of my “Cantaloupe Chips” video on the Renegade Health Show:

“what brand of juicer do you use.  I saw it on the Renegade Health Show making cantaloupe chipsthanks” diane

The BREVILLE multi-speed juice fountain.  

I bought this juicer (images, below) last year — a $300 version. Love it, although, the greens pretty much shoot right through … need to bunch’m up tight and use the slow speed, yet still not the best outcome (compared to a masticator juicer), so if you will be juicing a lot of greens, then this one might not be the one for you.

I’ve had many many juicers, first one I bought was in 1990(!) — when I began to fix myself. I was watching an informercial — Jay Kordich selling his Juiceman Juicer. It was a $200 unit, one of the better ones I’ve had in that price range. Throughout the past 20 years I’ve had several, in different price ranges:  $40, $100, $200, … and $2000(!) Believe me when I say –don’t bother with one that is under at $100. You’ll tire of it quickly and that’ll be the end of your juice days.

This Norwalk machine is a beauty, it’s a masticating juice machine with a hydraulic press. Bought it in the early 90s, I still have it, and use it occasionally. It’s too cumbersome to use and to clean and takes up a large space on the counter. I use it now and then, mostly for nut butters.

I’ve had non-pulp-ejecting centrifugal machines, pulp-ejecting centrifugal juicers, and masticating juicers (haven’t had Triturating juice extractors, yet have used’m). Sometimes I use my Vitamix and Blendtec — to make a pulp first and then I put the pulp through the nut milk bag, drain it, squeeze it, milk it. I also have a Champion Juicer, which is slower and more cumbersome than the Breville, yet the Champion does a much better job with extracting the juice from greens.

Here is my criteria for selecting a juice machine for juicing a wide-range of veggies:

  1. Heavy duty, sturdy, high watt-age
  2. Wide mouth feeding tube
  3. Easy to clean
  4. And – the speed control is an added bonus on the Breville.

I like Darren and Jessica’s article on How to Choose the Best Juice Machine: Click here to see which juicer is right for you.


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