How to make your own healthy smoothie (low carb)

Here are ideas for SWEET and SAVORY smoothies​.​

On the sweet side green smoothie, a template:

see below for examples of each

GREEN LEAVES: 2 handfuls, thick stems removed

FRUIT: 1 small fruit

FAT: 1 Tbls coconut oil, or 5 nuts

LIQUID: 1 cup water

SALT: 1 or 2 pinch salt

FLAVORS: this is optional, such as: pinch of cinnamon, or a couple leaves of basil

THICKENER: this is optional, and us as a sweetener replacement, such as: cooked carrots, cooked cooked rice, cooked oatmeal

Examples of green leaves:

kale, chard, collard greens, spinach, lettuce)

Examples of fruit:

1 strawberry, 1-inch banana or apple or pear, 5 blueberries)

Examples of fat:

cashews, almonds, pecans or use bacon fat if making a savory smoothie)

Examples of liquid:

Examples of flavors:

Examples of flavors:


Spinach Smoothie:

Green leaves: 2 handfuls spinach leaves

Fruit: 1/8 pear

Fat: 5 almonds

Liquid: 1 cup water

Salt: 1 pinch salt

Kale Smoothie:

Green leaves: 2 kale leaves (stem removed)

Fruit: 1 strawberry

Fat: 5 cashews

Liquid: 1 cup water

Salt: 1 pinch salt

And, here are websites with recipes, be sure to reduce the fruit in HALF as these recipes have too too too much fruit: