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How to freeze blueberries

Blueberries, just before putting them into the freezer. Once they are frozen –individually– they will not stick to each other while in the ziptop freezer bag.

Follow these steps to make your own frozen blueberries
(actually, you can use these steps for most fruits)

Step #1: wash the blueberries (I shampoo’m with “Veggie Wash,” then rince’m).

Step #2: gently dry them with a paper towel, hand towel, or let them air dry on a baking cooling stand.

Step #3: put the berries in a single layer on a baking pan, one with edges so the berries will be contained.
(Don’t have the right pan? see TIPS, below).

Step #4: put the pan in the freezer until the berries are frozen through, about 3 hours.
(Don’t have room in your freezer? Solution: move things from the freezer to the fridge during those 3 hours, check the berries in 2 hours, they might be ‘done’).

Step #5: transfer the frozen berries to ziptop baggies or food-saver vacuum seal bags, be sure to label each bag with the name of the fruit and the date. (see TIPS, below)



Alternatives to using baking pans:

  • use tin foil, shape it into a shallow pan with edges
  • use a paper bag (fold up the sides) or use a cut and shape a cardboard box similar to the baking pans in the photo, above.

Ziptop baggies:

  • I put 1 cup of frozen berries in small baggies, that way I can pull out exactly 1 cup at a time. Double bagging increases its shelf life, so put’m in a thin sandwich bag first and then put that bag into the thicker freezer bag.



6 blueberry recipes

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