Joni Sare, cooking instructor

How: Flipping food on dehydrator trays

…. this text first appeared in the post for this recipe: Corn Tortillas….

Most times I dehydrate in 2 stages, starting off at a higher temp, then lowering it after 1 or 2 hours.

The first stage: Start dehydrating at 145 degrees with the food on a spill-proof sheet. At this temperature quite a bit of the moisture is eliminated quickly without heating the food too high.

The second stage: When the top is firm I flip the contents onto a screen and lower the temperature. Drop the temperature to 120 degrees or less based on these two variables: the type of food that is on the tray and my time. For example: If dehydrating over night I’ll turn the temperature down to 90 degrees. If the food is thick (and I want it dry and crunchy, I’ll drop the temperature to 120 or 110 degrees.

This short 1.36-minute video shows two tips, go to the 0.52-minute mark to see how to flip a D-tray.

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