Joni Sare, cooking instructor

How to cut a squash

Lots of folks tell me that they ignore the big-size squashes b/c they don’t know how to cut them. So – I’ll remove the mystery now… please keep reading if you want to be in-the-know…

Please use a large chef's knife or butcher knife -- for ease, comfort and manageability. Set the squash on the cutting board, roll the squash around to find a natural, stable resting position.
Hold the squash steady and firm with your left hand (well, MY left hand is now holding the camera and my right hand with the knife is steady - no cutting when I don't have a firm grip on the food with my left hand). With a butcher knife cut through the side of the squash.
Here is the first slice, exposing the inner flesh of the squash. Put the cut side down on the cutting broad and continue to cut the squash into large pieces.
Scoop away the seeds using a spoon.
Position one of the large squash pieces on the cutting board so that the skin is to the right and the flesh is on the left.
Using a regular chef's knife slice the skin away from the 'fruit' of the squash.
This piece required 3 slices to remove the skins.
This piece was a bit tall, so I sliced off some of the skin, then turned it over - shown here - and continued slicing, removing the skin.
Here are four pieces, about the same size, lined up on the cutting board, removing the skins is fast when you can move from one piece to the other without putting down the knife.


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