Holiday cooking demo for Huddleston Care employees

Burlingame, CA

Giving care and attention to the elderly is an honor for the staff –the caregivers– of Huddleston Care. Giving care and attention –not only to the elders, but also– to the staff (of Huddleston Care) is an honor for Vivian Huddleston, owner/founder. I’ve witnessed it, in a variety of ways.

And having a cooking class with me is one of many ways Vivian expresses the care and attention to both her staff and clients. Vivian and her staff reach for superior service, and surpass it. You can read about what they can do for you, your elder folks here:

Here’s their holiday cooking class:

10:15 am start and 2:15 pm finish

  • 10:30 to 1pm will be demo
  • 1pm to 2:15pm will be eating, sit down, more discussion
Demo to include:
  • healthy, simple, easy to grasp for beginners.
  • share ideas on condiments, to add to the plate, to make better presentation.
  • show how to make restaurant-looking plate.
  • focus is on healthy cooking methods, incorporating veggies and taste.
  • will give ideas for variations of each dish (for frittata, soup, stew, adding meat, poultry, fish).
  • see below for serving size per person.
  • include one drink (i.e. fresh fruit with soda water).

DEMO will include info on:

  • timing of cooking (avoiding overcooked foods)
  • flavors (avoiding bland foods)
  • creating light, non-heavy meals
  • traditional foods, low ethnic
  • how to keep preparation to a minimum
  • simple, inexpensive gadgets, utensils, etc that reduces preparation time and add to the presentation

My fee: $500 for this cooking demo (10 to 20 people)

  • Includes food and my time, as well as planning, shopping, travel, clean up.
  • Example: 10 people = $50/person, or 15 people = $33/person)
  • My fee will be less (to be determined) if less then 10 people.
  • My fee will be more (to be determined) if more then 20 people.


Huddleston Care,

PO Box 201361

Burlingame, CA 94010