Guest speaker: Kaiser’s weight management group

Kaiser Permanente, San Jose

“Menu planning and Recipe Modification”

for their 30-week Weight Management group.

We’ll talk about their favorite recipes and how to modify them, make’m healthier (healthy fats, higher fiber, nutrient-dense foods, healthy cooking methods, etc).

We will discuss:

  • menu planning
  • quality fats
  • how to minimize the salt
  • how to cut the sugar, better choices for sweeteners
  • how to read and modify a recipe

As well as: serving size, caloric contribution, how to read food labels, what is/where to find high quality food, how to handle social occasions, what to do when you eat out, etc.

Join the program

Kaiser’s 30-week program is open to everyone, you do not need to be a Kaiser member to be a participant, go here for more info:

Kaiser Permanente’s Medical Weight Management Program