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Gallery: Online cooking classes Sept 2020

Swag: Apron, cutting board and knife. Provided by Denny Ready at

3 online cooking classes

  1. 20-minute Soup, a cooking method
  2. Re-inventing Leftovers
  3. 8-minute Pan-Seared Salmon Meal, a cooking method

On September 2nd and 3rd, 200 employees of Checkmarx came together in 3 online cooking classes. Their goal: fun casual time together while engaged in the same activity learning healthy life skills.

The employees were encouraged to cook along with me, using the items they received just days before:  Apron, Cutting board and Knife.

Here are images of the food I cooked. Go to #checkmarx to see their creations.

Soup, day 1, lunch

Soup-Greek-version with lentils, yogurt and hummus
Soup-Mexican-version with sour cream, tortilla chips, shredded chicken
Redo for the video recording. Soup-Mediterranean-version with hummus, chicken pieces, olives.

Leftovers, day 1, dinner

Leftovers, all 5 versions.
Version 1: Italian seasoning served with polenta
Version 2: Greek with riced cauliflower, fire-roasted tomatoes, olives, Greek seasoning blend, oregano and served with Gyro meat slices
Version 3: Middle East with Baharat seasoning blend, chives, and served with tzatziki.
Version 4: Indian with potatoes, curry seasoning blend, and cilantro
Version 5: Thai with red curry paste, lime juice and served with rice, peanuts, lime and mint

Salmon, day 2, dinner

8-minute-pan-seared-Salmon-French-version with dried tarragon, dijon mustard, hummus and served with asparagus and riced cauliflower
8-minute-Salmon-Italian-version with Italian seasoning, pesto, broccoli, zucchini and served with rice and lemon

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