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Dinner: Heart Health, Lafayette

Steve Fowkes

Steve and I will be in Lafayette, Friday, February 18th at a private home in Lafayette. The hostess will have a friend visiting from Colorado for the weekend so “it’d be really great to have a Dinner when she is here.”  So- we’ll have a dinner, Steve Fowkes, functional nutrition expert, will focus on “Heart Health” and I will create a menu specifically for one of the guests who is on a strict diet.

The topic: Heart Health

Steve’s talking points will include:

The truth about cholesterol risks, dietary fat and obesity.  Why cholesterol can be good for you and why insulin resistance, not obesity, is what to pay attention to.  How to address carbohydrate cravings and a sweet tooth.  What fats can raise metabolism, and other fats that suppress inflammation.  Lowering inflammation through diet.  Collagen therapy for strong arteries.  The Rath protocol for reducing plaque and strokes.  Chelation therapy instead of bypass surgery.  Mitochondrial nutrition for congestive heart failure (coenzyme Q and lipoic acid).  How to control homocysteine as heart-disease risk factor.  Thriving on stress, cultivating relaxation, and using alcohol safely.  Hormone replacement therapy:  the benefits of testosterone and progesterone on the heart muscle.”

The dinner: a Paleolithic meal

A Paleolithic meal consists of vegetables (roots, stems, stalks, leaves, flowers, nuts and seeds, and fermented foods) and most times the meal includes meat, fish or poultry. Paleo means ‘old’ = a diet of foods that come before any farming methods of cultivation (i.e. grains) and domestication (i.e. animals). The meal excludes any products from those two farming methods such as bread/cereal, milk/cheese. This works well for me b/c I eat – and like to cook – gluten-free, dairy-free, sugar-free meals. Thank goodness for modern-day conveniences and appliances, for this meal would have taken quite some time and a tribe to make…. a celebratory feast, to be sure. So, I hope you’ll join us for learning how you can be heart healthy while enjoying each others company and tasty vittles made of whole foods.


3-day Pressed salad of cabbage, parsley, garlic, onion, apple cider vinegar (like a kimchi)

w/Dried Apples (marinated w/coconut vinegar) and Dried Kale Chips (marinated w/lemon zest&juice, powdered onion and black pepper)


Asparagus w/chicken broth, rosemary and sage

Main course:

Herb Crusted Cod w/thyme, oregano, marjoram, lemon zest, baked w/coconut oil
Fennel Celery Slaw w/Soured Onion (dried sauteed to caramelize, then deglazed w/apple cider vinegar)
Lettuce Wraps w/Warmed Spinach, Basil, Lemon and Sun-dried Tomato


Strawberry Orange Coconut Milk Sorbet w/fresh Mint

Dialog Dinner events:

Dialog Dinners are a sit-down-format, four-course gourmet dining experience with a featured speaker, hosted by Chef Joni Sare at private homes. Events are held around the San Francisco Bay Area, in homes with suitable seating and kitchens. Seating is limited to 8-16 people per event, depending on the particular home. Call Joni to inquire about hosting a Dialog Dinner in your venue. Meals vary from Paleolithic format (see here) to vegan and raw food, depending on the speakers and guests. On advance notice, special dietary requirements can be accommodated.

These events are for those who are interested in…
– talking about health, nutrition – asking questions / sharing ideas (patients/consumers and practitioners)
– being inspired to create new habits and learning tools to do so
– eating a nourishing meal while having a nourishing conversation

The table often fills so make your RESERVATION today:

Register through PayPal, see links below. Or, if you’d rather pay by check then send a direct email to Joni stating the number in your party, special needs and she’ll reply with the mailing address. The dinner location/address will be sent to you with the confirmation of your reservation/payment.


Date/time: Friday evening, Feb 18th, 7 PM to 9:30 PM
Place: Lafayette, address will be sent with your registration confirmation.

$40 pre-paid (online or send a check)
$50 at the door


Questions? … call or write:

Joni Sare at 408-320-5664 or 925-381-8498, jonisare at g mail dot com
Steve or Anne Fowkes at 650-321-2374, fowkes2 at ceri dot com


Dialog Dinner, past and future locations around the San Francisco Bay Area…

South bay (Sunnyvale and Cupertino)
East Bay (Lafayette, Rossmoor and Walnut Creek)
North bay (San Rafael and Petaluma)

Past topics with Steve Fowkes

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