Joni Sare, cooking instructor

Dialog Luncheon: Graceful Aging

This event is open to everyone.

It is a charity event organized under the Gourmets-for-God program at the San Jose Center for Spiritual Living.

We are expecting 14 guests (teens, adults, seniors).

To register: contact Joni or Steve

Deadline to RSVP is mid-day Saturday.

Pricing: $35 each ($25 of which will be donated to CSL-SJ).

Meal contact name: Steven Fowkes 650-321-2374

Meal hosted by Joni Sare and Steve and Anne Fowkes

Description: An afternoon-in-the-garden with anti-aging expert Steven Fowkes. First, different scientific theories of aging and what they imply about our lifestyle choices. Second, with more focus, how the neuroendocrine theory of aging ties to thoughts, beliefs, optimism, appreciation, joy and happiness. The mind-brain-body connection. Third, collagen and the human condition; why humans have unique connective-tissue health issues and how they affect sagging, wrinkling, bruising and vascular disease. These three aspects of aging provide broad insights into what we all need to know about aging in order to do something about it.

This will be an outdoors, open-circle discussion group with Steve Fowkes facilitating the discussion, with a Chef Joni buffet-style gourmet meal (with appetizers, paleolithic and vegan food options, and desert). No alcohol will be served.

Children who can engage in the dialog will be welcome.

Outdoor patio venue (weather permitting) with creek-waterfall water feature to provide a relaxing experience for dining and discussion. One dog and two cats live on the premises. Squirrels, moles and voles live in the yard. Possums, birds, rabbits and the occasional raccoon visit the yard. Wheelchair accessible through the side yard. Guests are welcome to arrive any time after 1 PM. Recording the discussion is permitted with consent of guests.


Steve Fowkes is an organic chemist, biochemist and inventor. See and for web samples of Steve’s writings, and (Steve’s YouTube channel) for his information on Reversing Alzheimer’s Disease. Steve’s talk to Google employees, Nutrients for Better Mental Performance can be watched at

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