A dinner party and guided conversation

Dialog Dinners offer an opportunity for those who want to have an up close and personal experience with the guest speaker. Time with the expert is before, during and after the four-course healthy meal.

Inspiration happens here.

An evening of nourishing food, conversation and connection.

An evening of nourishing food, conversation and connection.

These events are for those who are interested in:

  • asking questions, sharing ideas and experiences
  • being inspired to create new habits and learning tools to do so
  • eating a nourishing meal while having a nourishing conversation

One-of-kind meal.

I wanted a way in which to bring people together, not only to commune at the table – eating good nourishing food – but also to talk about a specific topic of interest. These Dinner parties bring me one step closer to having a restaurant, yet allows me to offer more … a one-of-a kind tasty healthy meal. And – having a featured topic and expert guest, who sits at the head of the table and leads the conversation, enables a growing experience in an intimate setting. This brings the experience of eating out and sharing dinner with others to a whole new level. Through conversations like this people share interests and ideas, and shift happens. We feel connected, are empowered and more likely to feel comfortable about change.

Featured guests:

My interests are varied, so the speakers will be experts in … health (physical, emotional and spiritual), consciousness, exercise, the environment and more.

Join me for Dinners in Silicon Valley, Walnut Creek area and around the Bay Area. Contact me if you want to be a featured guest and/or suggest a guest speaker and/or want to host a Dialog Dinner.

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