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Solstice Dialog Dinner: Winter health

You’re invited to celebrate the Solstice with me and others

at the table on Tuesday, December 21st, 6:30pm

for a discussion on “Winter Health”

Temples, tombs and sacred observatories were erected in ancient times to honor the solstices. Many of us – through our cultures and customs – continue to celebrate the earth’s rite of passage around the sun. This is truly the time to reflect, rejoice, renew.

So, let’s celebrate the Solstice together at the Dinner table with an intimate discussion on …..

Spiritual topics:

Self-transcendent and self-actualizing processes, gratitude and appreciation, and mind-body integration.

Daily biorhythm topics:

Sleep quality, waking up, mood, body pH systems, energy, mind and healing.

Seasonal biorhythm topics:

Day length, dark adaptation, vitamin D levels, light spectrum and seasonal affective disorder (SAD).

Seasonal topics:

Seasonal diets, intermittent fasting, weight loss, and new-years resolutions.

The suggested topics are merely the way the dialog starts. Most dialogs evolve into non-topic areas during the second hour. So even if you are not sure you like the topic, come anyway if the dates work for you. Often, we have several experts at the table.

Heads of the Table will be:

Steven Wm. Fowkes, nutrition expert and Rob Chambret, metaphysical counselor. See their bios, below.


The Lumina House, Cupertino


To be announced soon.


The table fills early for many of our Dinners, so be sure to register soon to reserve your seat.

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You can pay for one person per transaction using this method. Please email me to let me know of any food sensitivities for those in your party.

3. Or …. if you are paying by check or at the door – reserve your seat by sending an email to me (include any foods that you are avoiding).

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About Steve:

Steve Fowkes is an organic chemist, neurobiochemist, nutritional formulation consultant, legal expert witness and is considered an expert in brain function and metabolism. He has written several books, authored numerous articles and papers, illustrated books and scientific papers and served as editor, technical editor and guest editor on many more. He is currently writing his sixth book. In 1979, he co-founded a nutrition company, Vitamin Research Products and managed their research, new product development, manufacturing, data-processing and shipping departments until 1983. In 1992, he founded and continues to direct the Cognitive Enhancement Research Institute. His ability to translate technical topics for the public led to TV appearances on People are Talking, a San Francisco-based TV talk show, The Dr. Dean Edel Show, a nationally syndicated TV talk show, and CNN’s Larry King Live and several anti-aging documentaries. Steve is available for private and group nutrition counseling.

Steve’s contact info:

Email address: fowkes2 [at]

Web samples of Steve’s writings and talks:,

Telephone: 650-321-CERI (2374)

A note from Joni about the Dialog Dinners:

Hosting the Dialog Dinners brings me one step closer to having a restaurant, yet allows me to offer more….. a one-of-kind tasty healthy meal… and… having a featured guest, with a group discussion, enables a growing and learning experience in an intimate setting.

Through conversations like this people share interests and ideas, and shift happens. The guest speaker leads and facilitates the conversation at the dinner table, topics include: health, consciousness, exercise, environment and living.

This brings the experience of eating out and sharing dinner with others to a whole new level.

Join me for the Dialog Dinners in Cupertino and around the Bay Area. Please contact me to suggest and/or offer to be a featured guest and/or to host a Dialog Dinner.

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