Invitation: Dialog Dinner – on Anti-aging

This Dinner’s topic is Anti-aging and the menu features Coconut Yogurt

Good news! … for those of you in the Walnut Creek area… Steve and I will have Dialog Dinners at a home in Lafayette on Saturday, Sept 25th and Thursday, Oct 14th. We’re honored that many of you have requested Dinners in Central County and so I’m happy to announce these two dinners in Lafayette. We look forward to doing more Dinners/talks in the Walnut Creek area, so contact me if you would like to host a Dinner at your home. The Dinners could be with Steve at the head of the table, or another guest speaker/topic of your choice.

On Saturday, Sept 25th, Steve’s talk will focus on Anti-Aging:  (I’ll focus on Coconut Yogurt, see my menu, below.)

Reversing aging trends

What are the modulators of aging? What makes some people age gracefully?And others not?

How changing one’s diet can make a difference:

Avoiding foods that cause inflammation.

The myth of dietary fat causing obesity. How fat can make you thin.

The myth that weight loss is just about calories.

The facts about complex carbohydrates and diabetes risk.

Other lifestyle factors:






Mental attitudes:









mitochondrial nutrients


Lifestyle drugs:

piracetam and deprenyl

alcoholic beverages



What will you do and what won’t you do?

Creating habits where none have gone before.

Medical testing:

What tests and how to get them done.

Self-care testing:

What you can do at home.

Biofeedback strategies (listen to your body talk to you).

The menu

My 4-course Middle Eastern-like vegetarian meal will highlight “Coconut Yogurt.” I’m looking forward to sharing with you the diversity of this somewhat-new product, I’ll use it in both sweet and savory dishes. It’s a great replacement for those who want to avoid meat and dairy products.

Appetizer: Cucumbers in coconut yogurt with mint and cilantro chutney and spiced nuts

Soup: Roasted beet, carrot and ginger soup in coconut yogurt

Main course:

· Roasted eggplant and tomatoes with garlic, onions and herbs, topped with coconut yogurt

· Brown rice pilaf with tempeh, orange peel and barberries (a tart and tangy berry, much like cranberries, but much smaller)

· Young greens with Indian Tikka Salad Dressing

Dessert: Coconut yogurt lassie with a smidgen of cardamom

We’ll have 16 people at the table and about 10 people who have heard about this Dinner have already responded – saying they’ll join us, so be sure to register soon to guarantee your seat at the table.