Cooking lesson: the basics of poaching, steaming and seasoning

Choose this cooking lesson to learn the basics of poaching, steaming and seasoning. You will make:

    • poached eggs

    • steamed veggies

    • seasoned ground turkey

1. Techniques:

    1) poaching = how to poach eggs in a vinegar/water solution

    2) steaming = veggies, the do’s and don’ts

    3) seasoning = using the mortar and pestle (fresh and dried herbs)

2. Talking points:

    • Another application of adding vinegar to boing water (a practical use of acidic pH in cooking)

    • What’s in steam and what will it do.

    • How to use steam as a quick cooking method.

    • How and when to use the mortar and pestle, for fresh and ground herbs.

    • When to use dried herbs (with ground meat), and fresh herbs (with steamed veggies).

3. Ingredients needed:

    • 4 eggs

    • 1 leek

    • 1 fennel

    • 1 sweet potato

    • 1# ground turkey

    • coriander seeds

    • cumin seeds

    • peppercorns

    • sea salt

    • fresh herbs (any fresh herbs such as thyme, oregano, I can bring rosemary, sage and parsley from my garden)