Cooking lesson: knife skills and searing, sauteing, braising

This cooking lesson plan is for those who want to cover knife skills, and 3 stove-top cooking methods, and using dried herbs.

1) The first hour will be at the counter learning knife skills:

    • How to hold and use a knife.

    • Basic techniques and types of cuts.

    • We will cut veggies to use in our second hour.

2) The second hour will be at the stove learning these 3 cooking methods and talking about herbs, spices:

    1) Searing: the chicken thighs

    2) ​Sauteing: the veggies

    3) Braising: continue cooking the veggies and add herbs, chicken thighs and broth

Ingredients needed: (this list can be changed based on your preferences)

    • 4 Chicken thighs preferably with w/skin on and bone in (can also use 3 “whole leg” – this is the leg and thigh sold in one piece)

    • 2 cups broth (chicken or veggie)

    • 2 carrots

    • 2 celery ribs

    • 1 onion

    • 1/2 head green cabbage

    • 2 red bell peppers

    • 2 zucchinis

    • Dried herbs/spices we’ll use what you have

    • arrowroot for thickening the braising liquid

    • Cutting boards, knives

    • Bowls for “mise en place”

    • Skillet with lid

    • wood spoon, flipping spatula, tongs