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Cooking lesson: client is doing “Type O” diet

I’ll be meeting with a new client in her kitchen tomorrow to help her cook right for her blood type. She decided to do this diet based on a number of symptoms that pointed her in the direction that the Type O foods are just the foods that she enjoys… and the foods to avoid are just the foods that make her feel uncomfortable.

She is Type O and wants to learn how to cook with the foods that are right for her. Tomorrow we’ll go through her pantry and then cook a meal together.

Here is my menu idea…

Veggie ideas, please choose two:

1. Baby carrots w/fennel seed glaze

baby carrots
broth (or other liquid – like pineapple juice)
fennel seeds
arrowroot powder (used to thicken the sauce, I can bring this)
2. Spinach salad w/mustard ginger dressing
mustard (any type is fine)
fresh ginger
dried figs
toasted pumpkin seeds
3. Kale and seaweed salad w/caramelized onions
1 bunch kale
Hiziki seaweed (I can bring this)
1 yellow onion
Flax oil
sea salt
Also – instead of a grain I purpose to do roasted parsnips:
olive oil
Meat dish, choose one:

1. Chicken Picatta
2 lbs chicken breast, cut into small bite-size pieces
sea salt
1 yellow onion
2 cups white wine
1 cup chicken broth
herbs (herbs de provence)

2. Cod steamed in parchment paper
1 lb cod, cut into small bite-size pieces

Our agenda will be:

2:30: get to know the kitchen, pantry, spices, fridge, her tastes, her cravings, her likes and dislikes, her habits, traditions and favorite foods
3:15pm: prep the dinner items
4pm: cook (including: knife skills, techniques, we’ll talk nutrition and food science)
5pm: should be finished

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