Cooking lesson: Braised Chicken and Roasted Vegetables

This cooking lesson plan is for those who want healthy FAST and EASY cooking …cooking chicken on the stovetop while the vegetables are cooking in the oven.

​Braised​ Herb Chicken

Cooking method:

    • Braising​: using the stove top for dry and moist cooking; this is a two-part cooking method: sauteing first, then steaming.


    • ​Chef’s knife and cutting board (​to cut the chicken, herbs)​ (I can bring this)​

    • Gadgets: garlic press ​and lemon zester ​(I can bring​ these ​two​)

    • Large fry pan​ or ​large skillet ​–​​with lid; ​and spatula/flipper​ (I can bring my favorite pan, and spatula)​


    • Knife skills

    • Multi-stage cooking (​braising = ​​dry heat, then moist heat)

    • How and when to flip the meat

    • When to add the seasonings

    • Building flavor: meat ​for the sweet flavor; fresh herbs for ​​sweet and bitter; maillard reaction and garlic for the umami; lemon for the sour​ flavor​

Talking points:

    • Stove-top temperature

    • ​Size and shape of the pan​ and spatula​

    •​ Size and shape of the meat​

    • Success with multi-stage cooking

    • Using same method for other dishes

    • Difference between ​sauteing, ​frying​ and braising​

    •​ Types of oils to use

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​Roasted​ ​Veggies

Cooking method:

    • ​Roasting, u​sing the oven​ with d​ry and ​indirect heat


    • ​Chef’s knife​ and cutting ​board​ (for the veggies)​ (I can bring this)

    • Roasting pan​,​ or baking pan​,​ or 9×13 cake pan​,​ or jelly roll pan​, or half sheet pan​ (I can bring my favorites so you can use and see several styles before buying)

    • Parchment paper​​


    • Knife skills​: julienne, roundels, ​cubes, dice

    • Building flavor: ​​removing moisture in the veggies for the sweet; ​millard reaction and dried herbs for the umami

Talking points:

    • Color, size and shape of the veggies

    • Oven temperature and time

    • Effects of indirect heat

    • Using same method for other dishes

    • Difference between ​roasting ​vs baking​

    • Types of oven-safe pans

    •​ Types of oils to use

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    Here is information on knife cuts: