Joni Sare, cooking instructor

Cooking for you: private, personal chef

I’ve incorporated principles from many professionals, from Raw, Ayurveda, Macrobiotic, Paleolithic approaches, from friends and relatives, too.  And, as I’m cooking, I hold a strong image of the client being whole and complete putting intention and love into the food, and people notice. They say they can ‘taste it.’ 🙂

I will, or we will:

  • Cook and package meals, designed specifically for you
  • Provide breakfasts, lunches and/or dinners
  • To be cooked in your home
  • Be with you for 3 to 30 days (see Immersions page)
  • Prepare your menu plan and/or teach you how to do menu planning
  • Take you on market/grocery tours
  • Organize your pantry/cupboards
  • Organize your fridge/freezer
  • Do bulk cooking for you or with you
  • Give you food storage guidelines
  • Show you how to reinvent leftovers
  • Guide you through an elimination diet: Gluten, dairy, nuts, eggs, corn, etc.
  • Prepare a sit-down dinner
  • Bring food to your event


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