Joni Sare, cooking instructor

Cooking demo at Atherton Appliance

Below are photos from today’s cooking demo at Atherton Appliance and Kitchens in Redwood City.

Here are links to each recipe:

Getting ready
Ingredients for the brownies
Ingredients for the Chicken Marbella
Ingredients for the Carrots w/Pad Thai Sauce
Ingredients for the Red Soup
Utensils needed.
The BlueStar
The BlueStar. Note the front left and front right burners - they have wider burner disc with more gas holes, more flame = 20,000 BTUs(!). The front middle burner has 15,000 BTUs.
Cutting the carrots.
There's more than one way to serve Crudités' and dip
Add lime zest for color and a fresh vibrant taste.
The "simmer" burner.
A minute later....
5 minutes later...
10 minutes later....
15 minutes...
oops, too hot, need to elevate the burner so there's a bit more space between the flame and pan
5 minutes later.... need to elevate the burner
thank goodness the majority of the chocolate was fine
Gelatine gives grrrreat body to brownies
Not all of the brownie mix fit into the pan, awwww, too bad, I guess us batter lovers will have to employ our fingers.
She was having fun with me, the camera and her love of the brownies.
I ended up using the extra brownie mix to make muffins.
text here
Starting the Red Soup
Saute the onions for 5 - 10 minutes, no oil needed, then add the tomatoes
The Chinese 5 Spice smells sooooo good.
So chunky you could eat it with a fork.
Red Soup
Chicken Marbella

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