Cooking classes

Enjoy the intimacy of a cooking class in a relaxed and casual setting (your home, or mine, 6 people max; or online). Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced cook, I help move you from where you are to where you want to be.

Every class offers you hands-on experience and personal guidance from me. I’ll walk you through each step of the process so you know exactly what to do. You’re never left lost or confused.

How to cook simple food at home

My goal is to teach you how to easily prepare meals that taste good. …and customized to fit your specific lifestyle.

Celebrate anniversaries, birthdays.
Surprise your loved one with a cooking class.

Replace effort with skill

Each person will have their own cutting board and knife. Throughout the class I will cover knife skills, and slicing techniques, flavor building using techniques, seasonings, aromatics, spices and herbs. These terms will become familiar and relevant to you, and part of your language. The size and shape of pots and pans make a difference, so I’ll talk about that, too.

What type of cook are you?

Take a quiz to find out what type of cook you are, see link below. 

Group cooking classes, for friends and corporate activities

Engaged fun with food. Book a private cooking class party for your GROUP:

  • Corporate business groups / team-building event
    • Establish collaboration
    • “Ice breaker” event for new groups
    • Time away from the office
  • Friends / family
    • Birthdays, anniversaries
    • Bachelor, bachelorette celebrations
    • Girls night out
    • Guys night out

Couples, private cooking classes for 2 people

These classes are designed for 2 people who want to have a private cooking class. People (couples) who cook together is a dance. I will show the tempo, the rhythm.

  • Couples 
  • Family members, such as a parent and an adult child, or a parent with a young child
  • Friends

couples date night cooking class, a private cooking class for 2 people

These classes are customized to your goals: to focus on specific skills, or a specific cooking method, or to cook a specific diet, a dish, or cuisine. For 1 or 2 people, and the class can be 1 or  2 hours.

A knife skills class give you a foundation to cook easy meals at home


Online cooking classes

Quarantine cooking classes – let’s cook together, separately. I can customize any of my classes to fit your needs.

Here are images of an online class with a couple in Clayton, CA:

online cooking class with a couple in Clayton, joni sare


What type of cook are you?

This quiz has many multiple-choice questions. Your answers will assess the type of cook you are. My result is titled “Top Chef”, which I think is quite humdrum of a title. 

Top Chef

Some people are cooks, but not you. You are a chef. You’re like an artist when it comes to food, crafting portraits of deliciousness to tantalize the senses. You can take the most mundane ingredients and make them shine like the stars. There’s a reason people always want to have dinner at your place, and you’re it.