Cooking classes to prevent sicknesses

I am still teaching during this time of the C-Virus outbreak:

for groups, couples and individuals.

I understand the concern and assure you that I am taking steps to protect you.

I am taking precautions to protect myself, to avoid colds and flus.

I follow SafeServ protocols, including: hand washing, food handling, storage and cleaning practices.

I will continue to be diligent when cleaning — all surfaces, items — starting with the front door.


Here are classes that I have designed specifically for this time:

1) Boost Your Immunity Cooking Class

Click here to read about and to book my private Cooking Class that is focused on boosting the immune system.


2) Re-invent Your Leftovers Cooking Class

Click here to book a class to refresh, reinvent, reinvigorate your leftovers.


3) Let’s talk! Cooking “Class”

I would be happy to talk with you over the phone, or with Facetime, to answer your questions to help you cook at home.

Click here to pay for your 30-minutes, and then we will figure out the actual call time.