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Ages 6 years old and up.

ONE to FOUR children per class, for 6 – 13 year olds.

Classes for 14 and older, please contact me.

I am an approved vendor for home-schooled kids, ages 6 and up with Ocean Grove Charter School

I’ve taught dozens of kids cooking classes, and have learned the keys to a fun and educational class are:

  • Use food and flavors that the children know and enjoy.
  • Match up children’s age and skill levels.
  • Sometimes it’s best if the kids do not know each other.
  • If your child is used to taking the lead, then it’s best for me to have a private class with them first, in order to assess which class I will put her/him in.

My goal is to move each child from their current comfort level with food and cooking, to the next –with familiarity, skill and techniques.

Where You Will Find Me and the Kids

  • Your kitchen, or mine
  • School gardens
  • Urban farms
  • Community gardens

My Success With Kids

Many parents will attest to their child having fun and success with me in the kitchen, because I…

  • talk with them, not at them
  • find and work with their enthusiasm with food and cooking
  • can understand their learning style
  • show them something cool, and unexpected
  • articulate/describe to them exactly what I want them to do
  • show them a finished product (a specific knife cut) so they know what is expected of them
  • articulate/describe to them what they are seeing when the food is cooking

Let’s discuss your child’s goals!

Call now or email me.

To book a class, click here.
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Kids’ Chocolate Making Class

Here are images of 10 (11 year-olds) making chocolate lollipops, and chocolate truffles.


French Macarons

Nutella Tear’n Share

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Past classes

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