Joni Sare, cooking instructor

Cooking classes for beginners and novices


“Cooking is at once child's play and adult joy. And cooking done with care is an act of love.”​

Craig Claiborne, restaurant critic​

Cooking classes for beginners and novices,

my teaching style:

Your cooking class will be personalized.​

Past students will confirm that my forte is to quickly assess your skill level and help move you to the next. The ways I do that are to ask you questions such as the types of food and cuisines you like, what dishes you cook often, and what type of cook you are. I want to know if you use the stovetop and or the oven, and what tools you use. I also watch the way in which you make decisions while we are prepping and cooking. 

Accordingly, I will facilitate a cooking lesson that is right for you and articulate what I see.​

Not only will our conversations include my questions and your answers, but we will laugh, take photos, share stories about our food travels. We’ll talk about local restaurant, faraway places, cooking shows, cookbooks, celebrity chefs and more.

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Cooking Mastery program

A cooking school program for home cooks

This is a “masterclass” program for those who want big changes fast. Make your vision a reality of how you see yourself in the kitchen.


Cooking Technique and Skills

The most popular skill-building cooking class is a Knife Skills class. We’ll cover the basics and then get into cutting veggies that you can use for the rest of the week. Tap here for the most important cooking lesson of all, the “Knife Skills Cooking Class”.


Cook without recipes — use a cooking method

Using a cooking method is by far the most efficient way to cook — in regards to time and your attention. Once you know a cooking method, you can create hundreds, if not thousands of dishes.


How to make your food look appetizing

Part of your homework, from the moment you read this, is pay attention to the elements on the plate being served to you (or when you see images of a dish). Take notice of the “4 Key Components to Make a Meal Look Appealing.”

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