Joni Sare, cooking instructor

Menu planning — the first step in a successful week of cooking

The benefits of using a menu plan

Less stress, less waste
More enjoyment, more variety

Let's plan your menu together or let me customize it

The first step is for you to fill in my "Likes and Dislikes Form".
The second step is to tell me about your cooking style and lifestyle.
Your menu plan will be as detailed as you need it to be.
The most successful plan is one week with rotating menus.

Here are a few benefits of using a menu plan

• Less stress — make fewer decisions.
• Time saving — process oriented.
• Less food waste — buy what you need.
• Enjoyment — attain your goals.
• Variety — embrace the spice of life.
• Healthier — know what goes into your food.
• Budget friendly — use store specials to buy local and seasonal.

How to plan a menu

1. Choose the length of time (3 days? 2 weeks?).
2. Select or make a template, and fill in the blanks.
3. Use recipes or not.
4. Take inventory and make a shopping list.
5. Set a date for shopping and cooking.

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