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Cooking Mastery Program — a cooking school for home cooks

Build your confidence
& your culinary muscles

A Cooking School for Home Cooks: Cooking Mastery Program


Build your confidence
& your culinary muscles

A cooking school for home cooks who want to take a deep dive into becoming a really good cook.

Customizable cooking program to match your lifestyle, schedule and budget.

Frustrated with your own cooking?

Want to be more efficient in the kitchen and make good-tasting food?  

A cooking school for home cooks who want to take a deep dive into being savvy in the kitchen.

Customizable cooking program to match your lifestyle, schedule and budget. On-going support via phone calls, Zoom and text messages to help you stay on track.

Cook with me —

A Personal Trainer
for Your Kitchen

You have nothing to lose, and many ways to gain and flex your gustatory and culinary capabilities.

3-Part Comprehensive Coaching Program for Home Cooks

Reach a new comfort level in the kitchen with the Cooking Mastery Program.


Part 1: Your goals

Making changes require a plan and support. I have a program and can be your accountability coach. Together we can design a program that works for you and your lifestyle. 

First of all, we need to establish how you operate, the type of cook you are and what tools you use:

  • How do you make decisions?
  • What type of planner and shopper are you?
  • What type of cook are you? 
  • What tools and equipment do you use in the kitchen?

Eating habits and goals:

  • Do you have any allergies, major food dislikes or dietary needs?
  • What is a balanced meal for you?
  • Do you want simple fast-cooked meals? Or do you prefer hearty and robust meals?
  • How much of your food intake will be plant-based (vegan) or vegetarian.
  • Are you following a specific diet plan? (ex: paleo, keto, Whole30, Fodmap,  intermittent fasting)

Quality, responsibilities

  • Work
  • Exercise and sleep

Part 2: Your kitchen

You need step into an organized and clean kitchen in order to move freely and easily. The equipment and tools need to match what you want to accomplish. So think of the kitchen as a sacred place where your meals are created. 

The environment around you will make or break the changes you are hoping for. We will set up your kitchen so that it suits you and your style of cooking. I recommend organizing every drawer, every cupboard, and the entire counter. Move out what doesn’t belong. Make room for items that are needed.

As we organize your kitchen, we’ll go through my list of equipment to make sure you have what’s needed and that what you have is in good condition. More text here about top 5 gadgets to have.

Once the kitchen is set up, your attention will be to keep it organized and clean. We can modify my shortcuts for you and your kitchen.

Part 3: Your food

This is your opportunity to hit a home run. We’ve established your style and goals. We’ve organized and set up your kitchen. We’ll make a plan, go shopping and then we cook. 

First things first — make a plan. A menu plan template is a very helpful guide to use. How do you fill it in? I’ve got you covered with a comprehensive list of food items. Not only the type of food is important, but also the cooking method. In order to buy the right type of meat and produce you’ll need to know how it’ll be cooked — with a slow cooker? in a skillet? in the oven? From here, you can make the shopping list.


  1. Much like a professional athletes —visioning the moves means success.
  2. Take the vision to reality. 

What are the benefits of making a menu plan?

  • Less stress: making fewer decisions while you’re in action.
  • Efficiency: having all you need to complete the meal.
  • Less waste: buying the right amount, avoiding impulse purchases.
  • Enjoyment: attaining a goal, being successful.
  • Variety: choosing different foods for each day of the week.
  • Healthier: creating a schedule that is in sync with your health goals.
  • Cheaper: using coupons, buying local and seasonal, and eating in more often.
Store tours and farmer’s market tours are incredibly beneficial. Watch how a chef selects items, navigates the aisles and takes advantage of the sales.

Create your meal plan based on the food you know that is available. These days there are many ways to shop:
  • Grocery store
  • Warehouse (Costco)
  • Delivery services (Good Eggs, InstaCart, etc)
  • CSA — Community Supported Agriculture, find a farm near you to ship food to you each week.
  • CSF — Community Supported Fish, find a fishery near you to ship seafood to you each week.
  • Farmer’s markets
  • Specialty stores

Last, but certainly not least, we will be side-by-side chefs. The classes can be online or at home. From washing to prepping to cooking — you’ll have as much detail as you want. At this point, it’s all about techniques and cooking methods. The talking points will be based on your goals, lifestyle and cooking style.

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