Choosing a cutting board

Here’s an overview of cutting boards –those that I like, and don’t like, what works, what doesn’t.

1) First of all, if you have more than one person in the kitchen, then I recommend having at least two cutting boards.

2) And, if you have the storage space then having various size cutting boards will make things easier.

3) If you have the counter space I highly recommend getting a large cutting board. The added cutting surface will come in handy. Warning though — the bigger the board the heavier it’ll be, so if lifting is an issue for you then go with thin polyethylene boards, which are thinner and have less weight than a wood board. Another warning: the large boards are cumbersome to wash unless you have an over-sized sink.

3) In the culinary program I attended they recommend having at least 2 boards –designating one cutting board for fish and meat, and the other for fruit and veggies. Many people have one board specifically for red meat, and another board for poultry. And I know of one person who has one designated for onions and garlic. Although, most boards will clean up and be odor free with the right washing, which I’ll write about another time.

4) I’m making changes as time marches on, and now know of sustainable cutting boards. Please go to this blog and read this post if you are looking for ways to reduce plastic consumption and buy sustainable goods. Here’s another one of her posts on avoiding anti-bacterial plastics.


My favorite cutting boards:

  • My favorite boards are bamboo wood boards, especially with a trough (moat).
    Bamboo cutting board with moat