I will travel down the block, around the Bay Area and to most corners of the world.

Below are sample menus and types of catering services that I will provide for you. The menu and presentation is designed specifically for the clients’ intention for the gathering and for their dietary needs, cultural needs, etc. Through our conversation and getting to know you, I will design a menu that reflects you/your event, you/your group’s needs (including raw, vegan, vegetarian, meat-based meals).

Standford2010 food spread2

Presentations include:

  • Finger Foods, Appetizers
  • Sit-down Meals
  • Plated or Buffets
  • Retreats, Getaways

Poultry, fish, meats menu samples

(Most are paleolithic recipes)

Finger food menu samples

(no plates or forks needed)

Raw food menu samples

Vegetarian menu samples

Catering supplies

Catering Prices

I offer two structures for event catering: Per Person or a Flat Fee. Tax is generally built into the price. Gratuity is generally separate, yet sometimes factored into the price.

Per person rates range from $5/person up to $150/person.

A flat fee might work best for your event, especially if you are uncertain of the exact number of people attending. For instance — you’ve invited 70 people to a birthday party, or an art opening, and we’re serving hors de’ ourves. There’s no head count, people come and go.

Here are some of the variables that affect the fee:

  • The menu: organic, grass fed, foraged, specialty items, number of courses, prep time, etc.
  • Number of people: depending on the number of guests I will bring an assistant (or 2 or 3) with me.
  • Location: travel distance, parking challenges, small kitchens
  • Day, time: holidays, peak times
  • Items needed: serving platters, bowls and utensils, chairs, tables, etc

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