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10-minute Rhubarb Strawberry stove-top Pie

Marinated grapefruit and a fruit salad came to mind when I saw Monta Vista Market’s produce specials this week. Another dish that came to mind was one that I created while doing a cooking demo at Monta Vista Market this past Sunday: 10-minute Rhubarb Strawberry stove-top Pie.

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Lentil Stew with Kumquats

I’ve had many “firsts” this past year — including just yesterday — giving a 45-minute inspirational cooking and healthy eating talk to 100 ten to twelve year-old girl scouts. And creating recipes for a weekly newsletter is just as exciting for me, albiet the girls’ high-energy. I’m honored that Peter, from Monta Vista Market in Cupertino has asked me to share recipes using produce specials, new arrivals and featured produce and dry goods at his store. The recipes will be here, in his newsletters and on his website.

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