Long-lasting fresh produce

30-minute telephone calls

Hello, let’s talk. This class is a “virtual” Cooking Class –over the phone or with video. I would be happy to talk with you to answer your questions to help you feel more at ease when cooking at home. Fee is: $30 for 30 minutes, pay here, and then we set a call time. Number […]

Virtual ZOOM cooking classes with Joni Sare

This will begin soon, possibly the week of March 23, 2020. If you know ZOOM and can help me set this up, then please contact me.   Call or write. Thank you.  

3 healthy meals with low prep

  Here are 3 healthy meals that require very little prep time 1) roasted veggies and fish requires minimal chopping: the size of the veggies can be large (note: the larger the size means the longer it’ll be in the oven) you can buy pre-chopped veggies coating the veggies with oil is not recommended (because […]

First responders to the COVID19 crisis

DOOB: a 3D replica of chef Joni

You can get this too — I went to their San Francisco studio. They were printed in Boston, and then shipped to me, took about 3 weeks. Here’s their website:  https://www.doob3d.com/                              

Use your home-cooked food for a long-lasting healthy quality life

In 2022, this page WILL BE finished to promote the best-selling book by me: “Cook Now, Using Your Own Home-Cooked Food for a Long-Lasting Healthy Quality Life for You and Your Family Including Your Pets and Parents and Setting an Example for Your Children so that Their Children will be Healthy so that Our Planet […]


  This website will be built “soon” —maybe in 2022? Click here to support me through my Patreon program (soon to be set up) —to help finance videos: the cost of the apps, equipment, food, my time, etc  

CookNow 2-day workshops

  Coming 2023 My vision for these weekend workshops is to be in a stunning kitchen, beachside in Santa Cruz. We won’t have to drive so far but will feel far from our daily routines and be able to give 2 days dedicated to cooking fun. There will certainly be free time for beach fun, […]

Cooking classes to prevent sicknesses

I am still teaching during this time of the C-Virus outbreak: for groups, couples and individuals. I understand the concern and assure you that I am taking steps to protect you. I am taking precautions to protect myself, to avoid colds and flus. I follow SafeServ protocols, including: hand washing, food handling, storage and cleaning […]