First responders to the COVID19 crisis

DOOB: a 3D replica of chef Joni

You can get this too — I went to their San Francisco studio. They were printed in Boston, and then shipped to me, took about 3 weeks. Here’s their website:                              


  This website will be built “soon” —maybe in 2022? Click here to support me through my Patreon program (soon to be set up) —to help finance videos: the cost of the apps, equipment, food, my time, etc  

CookNow 2-day workshops

  Coming 2023 My vision for these weekend workshops is to be in a stunning kitchen, beachside in Santa Cruz. We won’t have to drive so far but will feel far from our daily routines and be able to give 2 days dedicated to cooking fun. There will certainly be free time for beach fun, […]


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May the fork be with you

Choosing your fork can make or break the enjoyment of a meal. I’ve found that I use each of these forks, depending on the type of food .. the size, the texture. Which one(s) do you use? Do you have a favorite, if so, why? … place your comments here on my blog post.

Drinks: juice, smoothies and soups

I just started to work with a 48-year-old woman who wants to detox, cleanse. She wants to eat healthy, be healthy, feel healthy … that’s my paraphrase after talking with her about her wants, desires, goals. Carbs have been her staple, and now -wittingly and with my support- she will train her body to burn […]