“Owning your power as a female leader” event at Stillheart

Here is a photo gallery of one-day event I catered at Stillheart Retreat Center. I only wish I could have also participated in the program — Phyllis and Laurie were fabulous to work with, and everyone had such glowing faces throughout the day — nourished by the workshop and the food.

Raw: Crepes, various ways to serve them

Raw, gluten free, amazingly delicious crepes.

Healthy salads, salad dressings, salad fixings

Tips for salad makeovers! I’ll be meeting with a new culinary student in the kitchen who needs/wants to add ‘life’ to her salads. AND, she wants to have ideas as to what to eat while she is in recovery, strengthening her lungs, liver and gallbladder.

Window of opportunity, the dessert

….is a health concept – over time you’ll want your Window to be wider, the bottom line represents rest/digestion, the top line represents action/movement. The more you rest, the lower the bottom line goes. The more physically fit you are the higher the top line goes. The wider apart the two lines are, the better health you achieve, experience.

I don’t know where this goes, the entree

….is a sign, on a basket, in a preschool room. It’s a designated temporary place for kids, and parents, to put something that they don’t know where it belongs.

Coaching, meal planning, recipes and food w/client

3 October, Monday

Waiting to exhale, the appetizer

Announcing the first course (the appetizer) to 44 people at the Eucalyptus Magazine RAW dinner at Stillheart Institute, Woodside. “Waiting to exhale” …..ahhhhhh. ‘Waiting to exhale’ is what came to mind when I was thinking of this course. This is a time to breathe out, relax, allow the parasympathetic nervous system to take over. For […]

Eucalyptus Magazine’s raw dinner, Stillheart Institute

Recap of Raw dinner for 44 people, with photos and links to recipes.

Raw: Walnut Cream

Here’s a dairy-free raw whipped cream…. with walnuts, an orange and a date. (Based on Juliano’s Walnut Whipped Cream.)

Strawberry Festival at Blue House Farm

This past Sunday I spent the afternoon lollygagging at Blue House Farm, helping them celebrate their wonderful tasting Strawberries.