Salad and Pasta Dinner w/student

2 October, Sunday

Strawberry Smoothie w/Pomegranate Vinegar

This was based on the “Strawberry Cream Sorbet” that I created back in February for a Dialog Dinner. I’ve served it many times since b/c it’s soooo good, people LOVE it. In my first concoction of this (in February) I used “Coconut Milk” and just last week, I also put in a bit of frozen feta cheese, for a more creamy, tart taste. YUM! …… also, just yesterday, I served it with blueberries, for the “French Laundry, Michelin-style Brunch” …. see image at this link.

Raw: Pad Thai #2

Another version of my Raw Pad Thai, served at a 3-day retreat.

Steamed Carrots and Beets w/Sweet-spiced Fruit Coulis

I love love love the bamboo steamer, it cooks evenly and fast, and rinses clean. Just fill the pan with water, bring to high heat, put as many layers of bamboo units as you need and let it steam. Definitely need to use hot pads -oh, that’s a midwest term for “oven mits.”

Let’s talk about healthy snacks, at Pharmaca, Los Gatos

11 September, Sunday

Dinner: You are what you eat, drink, think, believe, behave

4 September, Sunday

Quinoa w/artichoke hearts, spinach and feta

A new cooking student/client wanted something simple to cook….. with greens, a grain, that is tasty, and easy to replicate… Here’s what I came up with, and he agrees that it’s all of the above… with a BIG YUM. This dish comes together very fast, so have all ingredients ready. Qunioa with marinated artichoke hearts, […]

Medjool dates: I just became a more savvy shopper

Now I know they come in various ‘grades’ … and the price reflects these grades.

Dinner: recap of Neuroendocrine talk

          more photos to come. Text, too. The topic: neuroendocrine health mood sex sleep mental attitude You are not only what you eat, breathe and drink, but what you think and feel, too. I served a 5-course Paleo Greek meal: Appetizer: Fried Oyster w/Fig Balsamic Glaze Soup: Tomato Bisque w/Orange Coulis […]

Cooking Class: Whole Foods, Asian meal

1. Collard Wraps w/Veggies and Almond Butter Pad Thai sauce
2. Spinach, chickpeas and cumin w/orange and coconut yogurt dressing
3. Tofu w/lemon grass ginger sesame glaze
4. Brown Rice w/shallots, cinnamon and rice vinegar