Cucumber Fig amuse bouche

This sweet sour combination is sure to get your juices going….

Romaine Lettuce Boats w/Lentils, Quinoa and Dairy-free Alfredo Sauce

Here’s a unique way to serve grains and legumes. The colors are green (lettuce), brown, tan, white sauce, topped with green and red. The textures are grain-y, creamy, watery crunch.
Can be made the day before, and then put into lettuce boats the day of. Top with meat, poultry or fish for other sources of protein.

Sweet’n Sour Root Vegetables with orange and ginger

Guest chef at AT&T

I will serve this side dish at AT&T’s cafeteria in San Ramon. That morning, I’ll give a motivational talk to 120 employees — how to get to a new automatic pilot in the kitchen, making food, for a healthy, happy, productive, quality life.

Paleolithic menus, from past dinners

Here’s a collection of menus, from past Dinners…. Sept 4, 2011, 19 people Bacon was the star player, it showed up in each course Amuse Bouche: Marinated Green and Yellow Bush Beans, Bacon slices Salad: Grated Steamed Beets and Relaxed Kale topped w/orange, chopped Bacon  and  Napales (cactus), served in an orange cup Entree: Bean-free […]

Cooking classes, with fast, simple, healthy recipes

30 October, Sunday

Lettuce Wraps w/carrots, potatoes and a mock Tarragon Truffle Mayo

A mock mayo (dairy free and egg free) with truffle oil and tarragon … yummmmmmmm.

Cooking classes in Monterey, Williams-Sonoma, Sunday

23 October, Sunday

Baked Beet Chips (similar to Baked Kale)

High Ground Organics is one of maaaaaannnny farms in Watsonville (CA), yet stand above the rest in the quality of their produce. You’ll recognize them at the Farmer’s Markets from the fresh-fresh-fresh-freshness of the produce, and you’ll notice that the size is larger in comparison to others’ produce. Yet, the flavor and texture of their […]

Healthy salads, salad dressings, salad fixings

Tips for salad makeovers! I’ll be meeting with a new culinary student in the kitchen who needs/wants to add ‘life’ to her salads. AND, she wants to have ideas as to what to eat while she is in recovery, strengthening her lungs, liver and gallbladder.

Coaching, meal planning, recipes and food w/client

3 October, Monday