3 soups in 3 minutes in the Instant Pot

3 soupsĀ in 3-minutes in the Instant Pot (1) Pour in 1 cup of broth, and turn IP on Pressure Cook : HIGH : 3 minutes. Option: add FROZEN fish pieces, or FROZEN chicken tenders (small pieces) (2) Add medium-size chunks of veggies up to the fill line. Broccoli should be frozen because 3 minutes will […]

Cook Outside the Box “SPICE class” recipes

Spices R us! We made outstanding tasting food! Photos and more info to come.

Bulletproof soups

Bulletproof soup

Here are 30+ images to show a variety of soups. Soups are easy to make, easy to adjust the flavors, easy to reheat, easy to take with you.

An almost complete guide to using tomatoes

Options aplenty! Here’s an almost complete guide to using tomatoes: whole, chopped, sliced and blended. Several recipes, too, ones that might be unique to you. Enjoy!

It’s time to get to know this new kid on the block: Kiwi Berries (hardy kiwis)

These pop-in-your-mouth miniature-kiwi-like fruit are gaining popularity with the young and old, chefs and farmers. They are showing up more and more places and are now available (Sept 19th through October) at Monta Vista Market, in Cupertino, see location and contact info, below.

Kale, the new spinach (soups, salads, chips)

It’s official (in my culinary book of rules) — Kale is the new spinach. Nutritionists are talking about it, for a while now. Farmers are growing it, for a while now. More and more markets are carrying it. Restaurants are serving it. People are eating it. Parents are cooking it, serving it to their kids. Kids are eating it(!).

Version #23: Creamy Cauliflower Soup

I’ve had the pleasure of creating many marvelous cauliflower soups…. this could well be version #23, not sure, could be more, could be less. Gourmet is the word for this version —it’s simple, elegant, tasty. Me and my culinary students created it in my CSA class (community supported agriculture). We also made a Corn Bruschetta […]

Buttery, yet not butter, Broccoli Leek Soup

This blended — yet chunky, paleo, yet vegan soup — really satisfies the palate in taste and texture — such as: greenyness, butteryness, chunkyness, creaminess. And it’s quick and simple. I decided to use coconut oil for the flavor (vegans will enjoy this), yet wanted that butteryness — so — I reached for the fenugreek. […]

May 2nd “Cook from the Box” class

Food, knives and board are ready for tonight’s “Cook From The Box” class. Am super curious what we will create, we got rhubarb in the box this week and I’m hoping we make my 10-minute stove-top rhubarb pie, the recipe is on my food blog, click here to see it. Produce in the box this […]

Lentil Stew with Kumquats

I’ve had many “firsts” this past year — including just yesterday — giving a 45-minute inspirational cooking and healthy eating talk to 100 ten to twelve year-old girl scouts. And creating recipes for a weekly newsletter is just as exciting for me, albiet the girls’ high-energy. I’m honored that Peter, from Monta Vista Market in Cupertino has asked me to share recipes using produce specials, new arrivals and featured produce and dry goods at his store. The recipes will be here, in his newsletters and on his website.