How to cook greens, easy and tasty

Super greens and fish, dover sole, cooking class

A cooking class: how to cook super greens, fish.

Stanford Women’s Club Holiday Party 2010

Polenta cakes, stuffed with candied beets Shrimp w/Beurre Rouge Sauce (the dried mission figs really stepped this reduction sauce up a notch) Polenta, parsnips, coconut milk w/arugula, fig balsamic vinegar dusted with cardamom   Pad Thai Basil Bites w/a raw Pad Thai sauce over zucchini rounds Persian cucumbers dipped in lime, with kumquats and black […]

How to cook chicken breasts, the fast way

My housemate, Dan, presented a bag of 4 chicken breasts last night asking: what is the fastest way to cook these?

Chicken Piccata (Picatta), for 16 servings

The best Chicken Picatta EVER. … the texture, the flavors … hopefully you’ll have a chance to second my opinion.

Fish Tostada w/cilantro and mango

Here’s a quick and easy way to make a fish dish, sustainable fish, that is.