Cooking demo, Williams-Sonoma, July 10th

We found wonderful looking, enticing produce at the Los Gatos Farmer’s Market this morning for my cooking demo at Williams-Sonoma (WS). First, we (me and my group) walked through the entire market without buying a single thing. We said HELLO to the vendors while looking for new, different, intriguing foods. Then, got down to business. […]

Fruit Soup with Almond Butter

I came up with this concoction for Intel’s guest chef demo. My goal is to show the beauty and ease of cooking out of a box… a CSA box, that is. This ‘soup’ is thin enough to drink from a glass, and thick enough to eat with a spoon.

Proteolytic Probiotic raw class with Chef BeLive

Raw food event: Brian Lucas, aka Chef BeLive, will celebrate ACTIVE food by showing us his tricks and tips to making our own cultured foods.

Avocado Cucumber Soup (raw)

Soooo easy and sooo tasty = vitality = BIG HIT.

How to freeze bananas/fruit

The best way to freeze fruit: cut into pieces, place in freezer on cookie sheet for 2 hours, then transfer to ziptop baggie.

Raw: Dr. Oz’s Green Drink

What can I say? …. it’s another good tasting green drink.

Raw: Almond milk

There were many exclamations of wonder and delight over this almond milk.

Raw: Green drink

green juice drink

A very satisfying green drink to start off the day at the Soul Collage Retreat.