Paleo potluck, Saturday, Sept 22nd

During our paleo potlucks our conversations range from: being a vegetarian or vegan on a Paleo diet, to adapting Paleo to you/your lifestyle, the various degrees of being Paleo. …where do you draw the line? …will Paleo be 100%? 80%? 60% of your diet? …wild game only? …no milk products? …little-to-no processed foods? …will you follow an ‘upgraded paleo diet’ – such as the Bulletproof Diet.

Graceful aging – REDUX, dialog lunch, July 28

This event is open to everyone. We are expecting a sell-out event for 20 guests (teens, adults, seniors). To register: contact Joni or Steve (Steven Fowkes, 650-321-2374, fowkes at Pricing: $20 per person This is a redux of our Dialog Lunch, July 8th, see images, below. AGENDA: Noon to 12:30pm — Arrivals 12:30pm — […]

Paleo potluck food gallery

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Paleo potluck, Memorial Day

In May, we will not meet on the 3rd Tuesday, instead – we will meet on Monday, Memorial Day, from 2 to 6pm. Weather permitting we’ll be in our park-like back yard, with the grill going, so, if you want – bring meat and veggies to cook on the grill. Please bring a grill if you have one that is easy to transport, contact me to let me know what type of grill you are bringing so I can plan accordingly.

Dialog Luncheon: Graceful Aging

8 July, Sunday