Raw food potluck

Please join us to inspire, to be inspired. Saturday, September 22, 2012 See details here: ¬†www.meetup.com/southbayraw Our potlucks: Our monthly gathering is a time to meet fellow South Bay raw foodies, to help and support each other get started or stay on the path to a raw vegan lifestyle. We always have interesting demos, conversations. […]

Paleo potluck, Saturday, Sept 22nd

During our paleo potlucks our conversations range from: being a vegetarian or vegan on a Paleo diet, to adapting Paleo to you/your lifestyle, the various degrees of being Paleo. …where do you draw the line? …will Paleo be 100%? 80%? 60% of your diet? …wild game only? …no milk products? …little-to-no processed foods? …will you follow an ‘upgraded paleo diet’ – such as the Bulletproof Diet.

Superfood desserts & elixirs demo

Raw food potluck featuring: Christian and Bethanne, Superfood Desserts and Elixirs. Authors of Superfood Beauty Elixirs. Edible Goddess, Wildbar

Paleo potluck food gallery

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Raw appetizers: Raviolis, Cannellonis, Creamsicle, Chocolate Mousse

Holiday appetizers can come in a variety of forms and flavors… here are mine, that I created for the “Raw Food Connection” potluck in Monterey this past weekend.

Raw vegan version of a Caprese Salad

I served this version of my Caprese Salad today at a Raw Food potluck. Used a green tomato and the ‘cheese’ is pine nuts blended with olive oil, green tomato and basil. Marinated the fennel and green apple in lime juice.

Raw food potluck, 1st Thursdays

Raw food potlucks at Back to Health Chiropractic in downtown Los Altos.

Apple Mint Truffle Kabobs

This has a tart, sour, sweet, yet verrrry earthy play on the tongue. (An amuse bouche, appetizer or dessert.)

Raw food demo at potluck in Carmel Valley

23 October, Sunday

Raw: Walnut Cream

Here’s a dairy-free raw whipped cream…. with walnuts, an orange and a date. (Based on Juliano’s Walnut Whipped Cream.)