Eucalyptus Magazine’s raw dinner, Stillheart Institute

Recap of Raw dinner for 44 people, with photos and links to recipes.

Joni’s top 5 supplements to maximize digestive health

22 September, Thursday

Bok Choy and Tomato Salad w/Garlic and Lime

This chopped salad looks like, smells like and pretty much tastes like a salsa or chutney. I chose to make it this way to show that Bok Choy is a great replacement for those who’d rather avoid raw onions. The Bok Choy offers the look and the crunch, but not the sharp taste that comes (and lingers) from onions.

Steamed Carrots and Beets w/Sweet-spiced Fruit Coulis

I love love love the bamboo steamer, it cooks evenly and fast, and rinses clean. Just fill the pan with water, bring to high heat, put as many layers of bamboo units as you need and let it steam. Definitely need to use hot pads -oh, that’s a midwest term for “oven mits.”

Fruit Soup with Almond Butter

I came up with this concoction for Intel’s guest chef demo. My goal is to show the beauty and ease of cooking out of a box… a CSA box, that is. This ‘soup’ is thin enough to drink from a glass, and thick enough to eat with a spoon.

Let’s talk about healthy snacks, at Pharmaca, Los Gatos

11 September, Sunday

A Wu Wei, Raw Way Dinner

Sorry to say, this event is cancelled.   for Inspiration and Enhancement by Chef BeLive, Raw Food Culinary Artist and Educator hosted by Therapeutic Chef Joni Sare   Prepare to amplify your affinity with food and eating. Ride along with Chef BeLive as he takes you and his raw culinary artistry to a new level […]

Raw dinner at Stillheart, with Kevin Gianni and Joni Sare

2 August, Tuesday

Lunch talk, and tour of Whole Foods, Walnut Creek

30 July, Saturday

Anti-Inflammation Day, in Pleasant Hill

Steps against INFLAMMATION: 1st step: avoid pro-inflammatory food, environment and lifestyle. 2nd step: eat/take as much Vit C as you can. 3rd step: have healthy digestion.