5-course, pretty much Paleo, gourmet lunch

5-course luncheon for 2 people (well, 3 people if you count me, yet I ate after they had their dessert course).

Paleolithic menus, from past dinners

Here’s a collection of menus, from past Dinners…. Sept 4, 2011, 19 people Bacon was the star player, it showed up in each course Amuse Bouche: Marinated Green and Yellow Bush Beans, Bacon slices Salad: Grated Steamed Beets and Relaxed Kale topped w/orange, chopped Bacon ¬†and ¬†Napales (cactus), served in an orange cup Entree: Bean-free […]

Cook, freeze, reheat

Batch cooking: cook, freeze, reheat

“It’s time to fill my freezer again, please come and cook with me.” Menu, shopping list and photos of the food.

Women of AT&T, corporate athlete event

Guest chef at AT&T

A 30-minute motivational talk to 120 employees at AT&T in San Ramon. Here is the designer lunch menu I created and will be offered in their cafeteria for all AT&T employees.

“Owning your power as a female leader” event at Stillheart

Here is a photo gallery of one-day event I catered at Stillheart Retreat Center. I only wish I could have also participated in the program — Phyllis and Laurie were fabulous to work with, and everyone had such glowing faces throughout the day — nourished by the workshop and the food.

Learning the basics in the kitchen

Cooking with a client who wants to learn how to use the produce in his CSA box.

Dinner: You are what you eat, drink, think, believe, behave

4 September, Sunday

Menu for 3-day retreat, June 2011

I’m thrilled to join Susan’s group again this year for her Solstice DeliciousSoul retreat (a SoulCollage weekend). I thoroughly enjoyed myself, the group, the retreat house last year, and am looking forward to another fabulous dose this year. I did all raw meals last year, however, this year – Susan has asked for a mix of cooked and raw… here’s what our menu will be:

Private cooking lesson: greens, quinoa and fish, the menu

I created these two meals for a couple in Pacifica, they will choose one, or both, to make while I stay with them during a weekend in July. I’ll be creating the other meals for our weekend together and will post the info, soon. Here are their goals…. 1. to minimize cooking time while maximizing […]

Raw dinner at Stillheart, with Kevin Gianni and Joni Sare

2 August, Tuesday