Cooking out of the box, Saturday, Sept 10th, 10am

Another cooking class with High Ground Organics cooking with the beautiful produce from their CSA box.

Cooking classes, with fast, simple, healthy recipes

30 October, Sunday

Cooking class with seasonal, local produce

26 October, Wednesday

Lettuce Wraps w/carrots, potatoes and a mock Tarragon Truffle Mayo

A mock mayo (dairy free and egg free) with truffle oil and tarragon … yummmmmmmm.

Cooking classes in Monterey, Williams-Sonoma, Sunday

23 October, Sunday

Cooking Classes in Monterey, Williams-Sonoma, Saturday

22 October, Saturday

Cooking demo for Mom’s group

21 October, Friday

Baked Beet Chips (similar to Baked Kale)

High Ground Organics is one of maaaaaannnny farms in Watsonville (CA), yet stand above the rest in the quality of their produce. You’ll recognize them at the Farmer’s Markets from the fresh-fresh-fresh-freshness of the produce, and you’ll notice that the size is larger in comparison to others’ produce. Yet, the flavor and texture of their […]

Learning the basics in the kitchen

Cooking with a client who wants to learn how to use the produce in his CSA box.

Harvest festival at High Ground Organics, Watsonville

8 October, Saturday