Tour & tasting

13 November (2nd Sundays)

Raw: Walnut Cream

Here’s a dairy-free raw whipped cream…. with walnuts, an orange and a date. (Based on Juliano’s Walnut Whipped Cream.)

Farmer’s Market tour, cooking demo for exchange students

7 August, Sunday

Lunch talk, and tour of Whole Foods, Walnut Creek

30 July, Saturday

Anti-Inflammation Day, in Pleasant Hill

Steps against INFLAMMATION: 1st step: avoid pro-inflammatory food, environment and lifestyle. 2nd step: eat/take as much Vit C as you can. 3rd step: have healthy digestion.

What to expect on a Farmer’s Market tour with Joni

Market tours in Redwood City and Los Gatos.

What to do at the Los Gatos Farmer’s Market

Every 2nd Sunday of the month, I will lead a tour at the Farmer’s Market in Los Gatos. You’ll have some time to yourself after the tour and before my cooking demo at Williams-Sonoma. So… What to do between the tour and demo The Farmer’s Market tour is from 10 – 11am, and the cooking […]

What to expect at a cooking demo by Joni

These cooking demos are for beginners and intermediate chefs who want to learn healthful ways to cook, speed cooking tips and more.

Early Summer Farmers Market Tours

4 June (and June 5, 11)

Gadget tour, in Los Gatos

21 May, Saturday