How to open a pomegranate, how to remove pomegranate seeds, how to make pomegranate syrup, molasses, grenadine

Here’s my way, to open a pomegranate. T’is the easiest way I’ve found to remove the seeds. Please share with us — in the comments below — the way you have found to be easiest. Links to recipes, below. 1. Make several cuts through the skin of the pomegranate, just deep enough to score the […]

Wolf Convection Steam Oven demo

You’ll find me at local appliance stores showing you how to use the WOLF Convection Steam Oven. I’m one of 8 chefs in Northern California who are trained by Riggs Distributing (WOLF Subzero products) to do the demos. I recently bought a Convection Steam Oven and use it daily! I LOVE IT!

Butter lettuce: the reigning Queen of lettuces

Good news! Monta Vista Market is offering a discount price on Red and Green Butter Lettuce this week. When I saw this week’s specials the Butter Lettuce jumped out at me …. ooooh, aaaah, my fav… yum, Butter Lettuce. And at that moment I knew I would write about it and proclaim to you, convince […]

How to make collard wraps

Collard greens make great wraps, stuffed with any thing from a fruit chutney to lentils and beans to bacon and beef.

Blanching tips: avoid brown veggies

This post is a result of a comment I just posted on the website: Here’s the direct link to the comment page: I answered this question: “Q: I read your post on vegetables turning brown if blanched with the cover on. But why would my vegetables turn brown even when I leave the pot uncovered? […]

What to do with under-ripe fruit

We are starting to see the first pickings of our summer fruits yet they lack the complex flavors, juiciness and sweetness that we soooo enjoy of tree-ripened fruits. I urge you not to pass them up, they have plenty of nutrients for us. Here are 7 ways to bring in some complexity, draw out their juices and give’m a bit of sweet boost.

Got odors? mustard powder eliminates odors

Got odors? Use mustard powder to get rid of pesky stale odors when you want to reuse a jar or plastic container … lids, too. Includes ideas for uses, even armpits.

A cook’s guide to healthy condiments

My refrigerator is organized, I’m happy to announce, with all the vinegars in one area, all the sweet condiments in another area, and all the other miscellaneous condiments in another area. YES – I keep the vinegars in the fridge, the temperature in the kitchen changes often, 20 degrees sometimes, so, the more stable temperature of the fridge will give’m a longer life span, maintaining their flavor.

Simple cooking, recipe modifications and substitutions

Modifying recipes to match your standard of eating can be overwhelming, here are a few questions answered, post your question, I’ll find a solution …

Kitchen gear, gadgets, tools: the necessities

Essential kitchen equipment for the healthful efficient chef. Tooling up in the kitchen with the necessities.