My favorite culinary books to become fluent in the kitchen

Here are a few of my favorite culinary handbooks, that I have found very useful in my culinary journey.

Sour foods to use in a paleo diet

Adding a bit of sour in a dish will add to its complexity, adult savviness and lasting memories. When it comes to paleo, and I mean the real deal, there’s nothing much else to use except for what you can pick from a tree. So, here’s a list of pick-able sour foods, and a list […]

Celtic Sea Salt vs Himalayan Salt

I just received this question, via email from a friend: Celtic Sea Salt vs Himalayan Salt Which do you prefer?¬† I know you like lots of flavored salts, but this is just for everyday use. Kathie ———- Kathie, for an overall, general use, I go for the Himalayan Salt. I think the H Salt is […]

My second bedstand

The books I’ve been reading.

Cleaning fruits and vegetables

A ‘free’ scrubbing net, you might already have this! I use the net from garlic bulbs as a mit, or bag, to scrub fruits and veggies. It works well, rinses easily and lasts a couple of months.

Tips for eating RAW while out and about

Here are a few tips for those of you who want RAW foods while out and about, at restaurants, at work, with friends, family. Often times the¬†simplest statements go a long way, so, I’ve included a few of’m for you to have in your assertive arsenal. Guest at a home dinner To host, at least […]

Six ways to slice a tortilla, to make baked chips

I like Brown Rice Tortillas as is, used as wraps, or baked like chips. Here are 6 ways to slice’m and then bake’m for chips.

Healthy salads, salad dressings, salad fixings

Tips for salad makeovers! I’ll be meeting with a new culinary student in the kitchen who needs/wants to add ‘life’ to her salads. AND, she wants to have ideas as to what to eat while she is in recovery, strengthening her lungs, liver and gallbladder.

Food storage: for leafy greens, veggies

Storing spinach, lettuce, onions, potatoes, broccoli and cauliflower…. learn what (and when) to wrap in towels and place in a plastic bag, or place in plastic bag with a dry paper towel.

How to tell the difference between cantaloupe and muskmelon

Here I share the ins and outs of the cantaloupe, muskmelon.