Cooking without a recipe, tip 1

Here are my tried and true ways to be successful, cooking without recipes. Have a variety of foods on hand, which can be done with different parts of the plant. These foods have different functions for the plants, so using these different parts will inherently give you a variety of flavors, nutrition, colors, textures. …and […]

How to plan a menu

Menu planner

With menu planning you actually make the meal twice: 1st time is when you make it in your mind while you are planning. The 2nd time you make the meal is when you actually do it. And the 2nd time is alway easier than the first. Menu planning strategies and tools equals success with home-cooked meals.

Guest speaker: Kaiser’s weight management group

Kaiser Permanente, San Jose “Menu planning and Recipe Modification” for their 30-week Weight Management¬†group. We’ll talk about their favorite recipes and how to modify them, make’m healthier¬†(healthy fats, higher fiber, nutrient-dense foods, healthy cooking methods, etc). We will discuss: menu planning quality fats how to minimize the salt how to cut the sugar, better choices […]

Anticancer recipes based on David Servan-Schreiber’s book

Here are meal ideas and recipes, based on the guidelines in the “Anticancer book” and based on my clients’ food in their pantry/fridge and their likes and dislikes. Each dish builds on the previous one — using leftovers.

Coaching, meal planning, recipes and food w/client

3 October, Monday

Paleolithic meal plan

“Paleolithic” comes to mind when creating this menu for a new client who needs breakfasts, lunches and dinners and is determined to increase her metabolism by eating a slow-carb diet with healthy fats. She is allergic to several foods, I’ll note them, below. I’ll cook for her for the next three Monday’s, here’s the menu […]