How to tell the difference between cantaloupe and muskmelon

Here I share the ins and outs of the cantaloupe, muskmelon.

How to select a cantaloupe, muskmelon

Want to know how to tell if a cantaloupe, muskmelon is ripe? Want to know how to choose the best tasting cantaloupe, muskmelon? If so … keep reading… please let me know if this info was helpful. If I didn’t cover your question, please share it below. LOOK at it (the exterior color and texture) […]

How to select an eggplant

Can this eggplant be eaten? “Best, Good, Not-so-good, Don’t eat.” … with lots of selecting tips (+storage, preparing tips).

How to cook chicken breasts, the fast way

My housemate, Dan, presented a bag of 4 chicken breasts last night asking: what is the fastest way to cook these?

How to make tender chicken

I’ve found that there are quintessential steps to take in order to have the most tender chicken you can imagine. Preparing the chicken #1 > If you are going to cut the chicken breast before cooking, then do so¬†when the meat is COLD. #2> Cut the COLD chicken breast by cutting against the grain (see […]