Cook Outside the Box “SPICE class” recipes

Spices R us! We made outstanding tasting food! Photos and more info to come.

How to hold a chef’s knife

Holding a knife is one of the basic things I cover when working with clients in the kitchen. Here are a five videos I found to be helpful, and entertaining… 1) Short and sweet, to the point. 2) How to hold a knife 3) Alton Brown gives us the low down on SHUN knives. Worth […]

Cooking class, 10 people, 3 items

Cooking class, 10 people

This was a cooking class for the home-care workers of one of South Bay’s premier Elder In-home Care services. It was a training for the caregivers so that they can provide healthy food to their elder clients.

Cooking class for Bay Area Older Adults

During this social and educational class, we will learn about vegetables, including tips and tricks for storage, preparation, cooking and most importantly of all- how to enjoy eating them! We will work in teams and Joni will teach preparation and cooking techniques throughout the class.

Healthy cooking demo for the caregivers of Huddleston Care

Giving care and attention to the elderly is an honor for the staff –the caregivers– of Huddleston Care. Giving care and attention –not only to the elders, but also– to the staff (of Huddleston Care) is an honor for Vivian Huddleston, owner/founder. I’ve witnessed it, in a variety of ways. And having a cooking class […]

CSA cooking class

‘Cook-from-the-Box’ cooking classes sponsored by: “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day.┬áTeach a man to fish and you feed him for a life time.”   $25 per person. In Cupertino, Wednesday, Aug 22nd, 11:30am – 1:30pm. We’ll focus on fresh herbs and spices, beyond the normal basil and cilantro. Chef […]

CSA cooking class, May 3

Roshambo, or rock-paper-scissors, is a ‘trump’ game where one hand gesture trumps another. I will show you how to bring the idea of this game into the kitchen. I’ll demonstrate how various flavors are used to ‘trump’ other flavors, such as: salt trumps harsh peppery flavors of turnips and radishes; and sour trumps the bitter taste of kale.

CSA cooking class, June 23

23 June, Saturday

raw Zucchini Onion Bread with figs and seeds

Here are photos of my recent Dehydrated Bread yummies:

Dehydrating class for Yummies, photos

Below are pics from a recent dehydrating class. 7 students, 7 Excalibur Dehydrators, 30 trays of food 3 recipes: Kale Chips with cashew orange batter Onion Bread with zucchini, fig and pumpkin seeds Tomato Wraps (will add text another time) Go here to read the class description: