Plating Magic – finding your artistic flare

This is a class for chefs who already know what it means to make great meals but have yet to discover how to make them look on the plate as wonderful as they taste to the palate. Learn what it means to add the sense of sight to taste and smell to produce dishes that are distinctively who you are and express both your cooking expertise and your esthetic sense.

Cooking lesson: salads and salad dressings

A lesson plan for learning the fundamentals of Salads and Salad Dressings

Cooking lesson: Braised Chicken and Roasted Vegetables

This cooking lesson plan is for those who want healthy FAST and EASY cooking …cooking chicken on the stovetop while the vegetables are cooking in the oven.

Cooking lesson: Healthy Eggs and Pancakes

A cooking lesson plan for making healthy eggs and grain-free pancakes.

Cooking lesson: the basics of poaching, steaming and seasoning

Choose this cooking lesson to learn the basics of poaching, steaming and seasoning.

Cooking lesson: knife skills and searing, sauteing, braising

This cooking lesson plan is for those who want to cover the basics of knife skills, and 3 stove-top cooking methods, using chicken, veggies and dried herbs.

Bones, don’t throw’m away

Best thing to do with leftover bones ….. is to make soup broth.

What to expect on a Farmer’s Market tour with Joni

Market tours in Redwood City and Los Gatos.

Private cooking lesson: Meat, the shopping list

I’ll be with a cooking student this coming Tuesday. She wants to learn different methods to make meats. Click here to see the 6 dishes I suggested to her. Below is the shopping list for the 3 dishes she chose to make: Asian Beef Short Ribs with Chinese 5 Spice and fig red wine reduction […]

Chicken Marbella

A very yummy, satisfying Mediterranean chicken dish.