Plating Magic – finding your artistic flare

This is a class for chefs who already know what it means to make great meals but have yet to discover how to make them look on the plate as wonderful as they taste to the palate. Learn what it means to add the sense of sight to taste and smell to produce dishes that are distinctively who you are and express both your cooking expertise and your esthetic sense.

Cooking demos at appliance stores, gallery

A photo gallery of the food I made during cooking demos at appliance stores. 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014

Cooking demos, guest chef, photo gallery

Here are Cooking Demo images at corporate events. Hover to see the title. Click to enlarge.  

Lunch and Learn, version #3

“Lunch and learns” are for employees who want to bring home the ease and grace of cooking healthfully. Eating for Health is by far the best health insurance one can buy, do, have. In this version, I offer 3 classes: Italian, Thai and a healthy breakfast. Check it out, perhaps you will want to do […]

Lunch and Learn, version #1

Lunch and learn cooking demo, knife skills

This is a cooking-show style demo, will be suited for a site with limited space, and for those who have an hour lunch break.

Deep, sweet, spiced cranberry sauce

Using what I have in the pantry I came up with a very tasty cranberry sauce for my cooking demo this past Saturday at Monta Vista Market.

Recipes for Thanksgiving leftovers like you’ve never seen before

Cook in a small saute pan, on medium to medium low heat until underside is toasty brown. Flip and cook for another 5 minutes, or until cooked through.

First of all, I will apologize for the not-so-workable slide shows in the post. It was a test, something new to try, clearly the software needs more work. The theme I picked for my recent cooking demo at Monta Vista Market was “Thanksgiving Leftovers.” And I gave myself the challenge of coming up with unique […]

Beauty and the Leftover Feast

The feast starts with the Thanksgiving meal, but it certainly doesn’t end there. It’s just the beginning of an adventure designed by you the cook for re-purposing the glorious leftover food.

Holiday cooking demo for Huddleston Care employees

Giving care and attention to the elderly is an honor for the staff –the caregivers– of Huddleston Care. Giving care and attention –not only to the elders, but also– to the staff (of Huddleston Care) is an honor for Vivian Huddleston, owner/founder. I’ve witnessed it, in a variety of ways. And having a cooking class […]

Wolf Convection Steam Oven demo

You’ll find me at local appliance stores showing you how to use the WOLF Convection Steam Oven. I’m one of 8 chefs in Northern California who are trained by Riggs Distributing (WOLF Subzero products) to do the demos. I recently bought a Convection Steam Oven and use it daily! I LOVE IT!