30-minute telephone calls

Hello, let’s talk. This class is a “virtual” Cooking Class –over the phone or with video. I would be happy to talk with you to answer your questions to help you feel more at ease when cooking at home. Fee is: $30 for 30 minutes, pay here, and then we set a call time. Number […]

Use your home-cooked food for a long-lasting healthy quality life

In 2022, this page WILL BE finished to promote the best-selling book by me: “Cook Now, Using Your Own Home-Cooked Food for a Long-Lasting Healthy Quality Life for You and Your Family Including Your Pets and Parents and Setting an Example for Your Children so that Their Children will be Healthy so that Our Planet […]

Cooking classes to prevent sicknesses

I am still teaching during this time of the C-Virus outbreak: for groups, couples and individuals. I understand the concern and assure you that I am taking steps to protect you. I am taking precautions to protect myself, to avoid colds and flus. I follow SafeServ protocols, including: hand washing, food handling, storage and cleaning […]

Anticancer recipes based on David Servan-Schreiber’s book

Here are meal ideas and recipes, based on the guidelines in the “Anticancer book” and based on my clients’ food in their pantry/fridge and their likes and dislikes. Each dish builds on the previous one — using leftovers.

Proverbs and quotes related to healthy eating

The most famous of’m all: “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” ~ Hippocrates

Celtic Sea Salt vs Himalayan Salt

I just received this question, via email from a friend: Celtic Sea Salt vs Himalayan Salt Which do you prefer?  I know you like lots of flavored salts, but this is just for everyday use. Kathie ———- Kathie, for an overall, general use, I go for the Himalayan Salt. I think the H Salt is […]

Coaching, meal planning, recipes and food w/client

3 October, Monday

Joni’s top 5 supplements to maximize digestive health

22 September, Thursday

Let’s talk about healthy snacks, at Pharmaca, Los Gatos

11 September, Sunday

Lunch talk, and tour of Whole Foods, Walnut Creek

30 July, Saturday