Acorn flour: recipes, buy, make

Using acorn flour, and other native edibles.

Cooking classes: classic dishes for the home cook to know

Sauteed veggies: chard, zucchini, celery

My cooking classes varies from student to student. Some students want to learn how to cook without recipes, and in that case I teach specific cooking styles. Click here to see “Cooking Methods for the Home Cook to Know.” Other students want to learn classic traditional recipes, here is a list with some of the […]

Cooking with Mario

Here are images of the meals I cooked with Mario during our 3 cooking lessons. He wanted quick, easy, tasty meals.

“Chop, Stuff and Roll” at the Monta Vista Market cooking demo

“Chop, Stuff ‘n Roll” will be the first dish I make this Sunday, June 10th. Come in at 1pm to see how easy it is to make: Egg rolls, stuffed with carrots, cabbage and mushrooms, with a pumped up Annie’s Sesame Ginger dipping sauce.

Spinach and Duck Eggs

Heirloom Organics sells baby greens at the Mountain View Farmer’s Market (and other Markets in the Bay Area). I bought a one pound bag of spinach and been using handfuls in various dishes/meals. This breakfast looked extraordinary – to me – with the large duck eggs, with the over-sized golden-yellow yolks. I bought the duck eggs from […]

Bacon wrapped stuffed dates

All you bacon lovers will be seduced. Bacon Wrapped Stuffed Dates with banana, chocolate and peanut butter. Sounds delish, aye? AND IT WAS! …. looks delish….  AND tastes delish!

Breakfast vegetable omelet and bacon

Cooking class, omelets and bacon

A photo gallery of the food we made together –teaching a client (student) how to cook an omelet and crispy-but-not-dry bacon.

Green beans w/caramelized onions and shallots

Green beans, filet beans, haricot verts

Green beans have a hard time absorbing flavors b/c of its tight-waxy skin, so, the trick to picking up a flavor is to blanch them or soak them in a salt bath in order to get the tight cellulose walls to open up. This will allow flavors to be absorbed.

Chicken Piccata (Picatta), for 16 servings

The best Chicken Picatta EVER. … the texture, the flavors … hopefully you’ll have a chance to second my opinion.